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Consulting in Statistics, Higher Mathematics, and Machine Learning
Specialties:  Market Research,  Marketing, and Forecasting
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  Statistical Techniques
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Why Choose Ceres?
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Lots of analytic firms compete for your business.  Before forming Ceres, we'd hired some of them.  Our experience, along with our discovery of the need to serve a special market, led to our business philosophy:
  • We pioneer analytics in organizations that prefer to demonstrate analytic success before committing major resources
  • The best ideas start out simple.  Good quantitative folks keep them that way.
  • Values and Value are our watchwords.  It's hard to beat integrity and productivity, especially together.
  • Given data, any problem you face translates to our goal.  We truly enjoy solving it for you.  To speak modestly, we're very good at it.
  • We go about our business rather quietly, often joining our clients as their representatives to the outside world
  • Our work sells itself.  We're not slick salesmen.  We don't need to be.
How We Do Business
Along with timely delivery of project results, a Ceres consultant will often collaborate in:
  • Advancing in-house staff to perform analytic work independently
  • Automating him- or herself out of a job
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Representative Engagements
Available on Request
Tools and Techniques
Platform Composite One thing we're sure of:  good analysis answers business questions.  We don't view analytic techniques as "hammers looking for nails".  That is, we don't apply our favorite techniques in the hope they'll reveal something useful.

In contrast, we approach each project by working with you to identify the questions you need answered.  Then we propose analyses that, by design, can generate those answers.  Examples of business questions, along with the analyses that respond to them, are shown here.

To obtain answers, Ceres works with commercial software, open-source software, and custom analytic platforms of its own crafting.  In all three cases, we aim to deliver re-usable tools along with meaningful results and reports.

For more information:
  • Examples from the Ceres Analytic Platform are shown here
  • A recent publication:  Role of Marketing and Market Resarch in Forecasting, Journal of Business Forecasting, Summer 2010 (Abstract) Author: Sara Brumbaugh, Managing Principal, Ceres Analytics LLC
  • Special Note to Start-Ups
    We accept a small number of projects with unconventional terms.  These projects often include market research and industry forecasts with Monte Carlo "what ifs".  There is usually a waiting period for these projects, so it's good to contact us during your planning stage.  For consideration, please e-mail or phone (415-987-5715) to describe your needs.

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